Telemetry Orchestration in Programmable Data Planes

Abstract: In-band network telemetry is an emerging network monitoring paradigm. By collecting low-level telemetry items in real time, in-band telemetry is able to substantially enhance network-wide visibility – allowing, for example, timely detection problems such as micro-burst. Recent studies have focused on (i) developing mechanisms to increase network-wide visibility; and (ii) to design new monitoring solutions. However, little has been done to coordinate the process of collecting telemetry items in this new paradigm. This is particularly challenging for two main reasons. First, depending on which network telemetry items are collected, it might degrade network-wide visibility in terms of consistency and freshness. Second, depending on how network telemetry is collected, it might impact network performance. In this project, we investigate and model the In-band Network Telemetry Planning Problem – the problem of planning the telemetry collection process. The main idea consists of dynamic exploring the interplay between monitoring application performance metrics (e.g., accuracy and freshness) and the in-band telemetry data acquisition. Subsequently, we intend to make the proposed operational solutions in a network structure with programmability support. (AU)

Ano Inicio: 2020

Ano Fim: 2022

Coordenador Local: Weverton Luis da Costa Cordeiro

Agência de Fomento: FAPESP