S2C2 – Command and Control System of Systems

Abstract: In the field of Defense, the growing complexity of operational environments has shown that synergy between the Armed Forces is essential. In emergency and internal crisis situations, collaboration extends to public security and civil defense institutions. In this context, interoperability between command and control systems of different entities is crucial for mission success. Focusing specifically on the ground force, interoperability between their own systems is already a big challenge. Aware of the need to address this challenge, this project tackles the development of a Command and Control System of Systems (S2C2) to meet the interoperability demands of the ground force Command and Control Application Family (FAC2FTer). To this end, the project proposes a study focused on the interoperability of open, distributed, and dynamic systems for use in the command and control environment in the defense domain. In this context, aspects of the modeling, formal verification of properties, network simulation with artificial intelligence support to develop a system of systems of command and control for the Brazilian Army.

Ano Inicio: 2021

Ano Fim: 2025

Coordenador Local: Edison Pignaton de Freitas

Agência de Fomento: FINEP