GREEN-CLOUD – Computação em Cloud com Computação Sustentável

Abstract: The objective of this project is to build a computational cloud (CLOUD-RS / NUVEM-RS) on processing resources allocated in the institutions federated in this project and, within this context, to study Cloud Computing as an environment for the execution of applications with high demands of processing, seeking to identify problems and propose usage models so that Cloud Computing is adopted on a large scale. It is known that Cloud Computing has great attractions for high performance processing (PAD). Among these attractions, the sharing of resources and the possibility of creating virtual environments stand out. While the first reduces the costs associated with physical resources, both in terms of acquisition and personnel to manage them, the second allows the creation of virtual environments with characteristics that meet the specific needs of each user. This implies that, during its operation, the cloud is subjected to a large variation in its processing load. This variability of operation will be analyzed considering desirable characteristics for a Sustainable Computing, prioritizing the energy consumption of the system combined with the economic characteristics of the cloud.

Ano Inicio: 2016

Ano Fim: 2022

Coordenador Local: Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville

Agência de Fomento: FAPERGS